How Awake Are You?

It’s important to balance yourself with reality. Sure there are some things that I mentioned on here that may seem unbelievable and unrealistic. But to shift your paradigm a bit, in the past, there were a surmountable amount of things people thought were unrealistic. Some of those things included flight, electricity, speaking to people over long distances, so on and so forth. All of which, as you know, are possible today with ease.

As I’ve mentioned in my previous post on misconceptions and manipulations, let me bring my point full circle with you. Usually, most people think they are pretty rational and conscious thinkers. I ask you, “how realistic and awake are you?”.

If you think renewable energy, free energy, anti-gravity, etc. is unrealistic, How realistic is it that the pyramids and other megalith monuments were built by just with pure manpower, which is the most popular and mainstream theory of how these monuments were built. That’s what you were probably taught in school and still believe to this day. Not even a powerful tow truck can lift rocks as huge as these. Take a look  Continue reading “How Awake Are You?”

To Understand, First Renew Your Thoughts

We understand that you don’t understand and that you are a skeptic. We understand that, often times, once you have been taught something throughout your whole life, it will be built into your belief system. Sad to say, even if it isn’t true or has been debunked by recent findings or modern understandings, you will still believe what you have been taught. And when someone like me tries to tell you otherwise, you automatically become a skeptic and more than likely a none believer.

It was like me trying to sell the owner of a new Hawaii party bus company that I could bring him more business. He’s going to be a skeptic at first because he believes that it’s not that easy getting business. I say that’s a misconception.

Throughout your life, you have been taught and have learned things from teachers, parents, elders, books, television shows, doctors, scientists, researchers, or anyone you held their word as fact, and never really questioned anything or thought twice about if their teachings are true or not. So you go along with it and it becomes a part of your belief system.

It is a problem with society these days. It’s even more so a problem when people who understand how to take advantage of knowing how vulnerable you and others are to manipulation.

So we do understand why  Continue reading “To Understand, First Renew Your Thoughts”

You Still Don’t Believe In Renewable Free Energy?

So you’re still a skeptic huh? Even though the proof is right in front of your eyes?

Well that’s, I guess, “normal” for a typical person rooted in what schools have taught, what books and television shows present to you on their theory of how these megaliths and gigantic monuments have been built. They taught you that it took thousands of people to carry enormous stones over long distances and stacked them into a pyramid shape perfectly aligned with the North Star for mummies to lay rest.

If you are stuck on believing that, anyone can influence, even manipulate you to believe hmm maybe that the earth is flat? If you had an open mind to believe that the pyramids were built by physical “manpower” and labor, I’m sure you can keep an open mind about renewable free energy.

Maybe one man can open up your mind…a bit:

Beginning to believe?  Continue reading “You Still Don’t Believe In Renewable Free Energy?”

Seeing Energy Is Believing

Seeing is believing. But what if you can’t see it? Will you still believe?

Most people will, but with skepticism.

What if I told you, you have already seen great works of renewable free energy like what I have shown you here. You heard it for yourself if you listened to my previous post.

The proof of very powerful energy has been right in front of your eyes. It just has been misanalysed all along, even manipulated.

Watch this video to see proof and it has been right in front of your eyes all along.

Seeing is not  Continue reading “Seeing Energy Is Believing”

All you have to do is listen…

The art of listening. I think that’s a title of a book. Anyways, it is a dying trait, listening that is – and reading for that matter.

But listening is so much more than giving your utmost attention to someone or a group. To be an effective “listener“, you must forget everything that you think you already know, and listen.

Think it’s impossible? Listen…


Before we can go on and tap into any renewable free energy we must understand these basic fundamental things. Well, realistically we don’t  Continue reading “All you have to do is listen…”

Renewable Energy Is Everywhere And FREE

Yes, it is. All you have to do is shift your paradigm a bit and think differently. As I mentioned, this blog is made with renewable energy.

If people weren’t so rigid in their thinking, we would be able to work together to figure out how to harness the free energy that we have and make disposable energy mediums obsolete.

Rigid thinking? Yes, rigid thinking…

Most people are unaware of the  Continue reading “Renewable Energy Is Everywhere And FREE”

Blogs are renewable energy

Words are renewable energy. As I type this blog post, all that is happening is me taking already existing words of the english language and using my mental energy to rearrange these words to convey a unique message to you. I am using renewable energy today.

Renewable energy has always been existent. I ultimately believe all energy is renewed energy. We just have to think about things differently. To learn more, keep renewing your energy back here.