You Still Don’t Believe In Renewable Free Energy?

So you’re still a skeptic huh? Even though the proof is right in front of your eyes?

Well that’s, I guess, “normal” for a typical person rooted in what schools have taught, what books and television shows present to you on their theory of how these megaliths and gigantic monuments have been built. They taught you that it took thousands of people to carry enormous stones over long distances and stacked them into a pyramid shape perfectly aligned with the North Star for mummies to lay rest.

If you are stuck on believing that, anyone can influence, even manipulate you to believe hmm maybe that the earth is flat? If you had an open mind to believe that the pyramids were built by physical “manpower” and labor, I’m sure you can keep an open mind about renewable free energy.

Maybe one man can open up your mind…a bit:

Beginning to believe? Or are you beginning to un-believe what you used to believe? Either way, it’s a start.

Keep your mind open. It has only just begun…