To Understand, First Renew Your Thoughts

We understand that you don’t understand and that you are a skeptic. We understand that, often times, once you have been taught something throughout your whole life, it will be built into your belief system. Sad to say, even if it isn’t true or has been debunked by recent findings or modern understandings, you will still believe what you have been taught. And when someone like me tries to tell you otherwise, you automatically become a skeptic and more than likely a none believer.

It was like me trying to sell the owner of a new Hawaii party bus company that I could bring him more business. He’s going to be a skeptic at first because he believes that it’s not that easy getting business. I say that’s a misconception.

Throughout your life, you have been taught and have learned things from teachers, parents, elders, books, television shows, doctors, scientists, researchers, or anyone you held their word as fact, and never really questioned anything or thought twice about if their teachings are true or not. So you go along with it and it becomes a part of your belief system.

It is a problem with society these days. It’s even more so a problem when people who understand how to take advantage of knowing how vulnerable you and others are to manipulation.

So we do understand why people are skeptical of renewable free energy and other energy powers. But to understand, you must first renew your mind and free up your thoughts. Forget what you already think you know and let the new information flow in. Be like an open minded child curious and soaking everything in. Then you will begin to see the possibilities…

Renewable Energy Today