All you have to do is listen…

The art of listening. I think that’s a title of a book. Anyways, it is a dying trait, listening that is – and reading for that matter.

But listening is so much more than giving your utmost attention to someone or a group. To be an effective “listener“, you must forget everything that you think you already know, and listen.

Think it’s impossible? Listen…


Before we can go on and tap into any renewable free energy we must understand these basic fundamental things. Well, realistically we don’t have to understand but we have to just do it.

Whenever most people try to learn something new, they subconsciously take all that they know and base it against what is trying to be learned. So, what tends to happen is they make judgments based on past knowledge, leading them to never really learning anything new at all. All that is happening is they are re-learning what they already know.

It’s a “prison” being created, in their own mind. It’s limiting.

Before you start judging the possibilities of renewable free energy, anti-gravity, blogs are renewable energy, teleportation, the world is flat, the sky is not blue, etc., you must first free yourself from that “prison” and listen

How do you listen? Check back here on this renewable blog to find out.